Using Belkin ADSL Modem with aawireless router to provide home network but looki

Using Belkin ADSL Modem with a wireless router to provide home network but looking at home PC for internet 'gateway'. How do I do it?
I access the net via a USB dongle so all the software for internet access is on my PC but I want to create a home network using my old Belkin Modem wireless router. How do I set the router up to look at the PC for it's internet connection rather than the phone input socket? Thanks
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  1. "USB dongle"

    Cellphone internet dongle or 802.11 home wifi ???
  2. cellphone internet dongle (bigpond)
  3. Feared so, this isn't familiar technology to me. You might try using Windows Internet Connection Sharing via crossover cable between the computer with the dongle and a second computer.

    They have started making cellphone-type-internet routers but I believe they are a lot more expensive than cable or DSL routers.
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