Problems installing Catalyst 11.4

So, as usual, I notice theres a new driver set out and I uninstall 11.3 , driver sweep the old stuff and install 11.4... Blue screens during installation. Ew. So I uninstall it, asweep it, and do it again, this time it installs OK, but windows gives an error complaing that atiadlxy.dll isnt made for my version of windows or its corrupt. CRCs check out on the file I downloaded ok, and Ive tried uninstalling and installing about 5 times with no sucess. Reinstlaling 11.3 works with no problems at all. Im using a pair of Sapphire 6950s crossfired.

Any ideas?
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  1. Um yea i know its not what you want to hear but stick with 11.3 sounds like the best option to me.
    I have a thread at the moment concerning what the best drivers are for a 5 series card and it seems its between 10.4 10.9 ( but some have had issues) and 10.12.
    I personally don't just update because they are there.

    Mactronix :)
  2. That doesn't really explain why I'd have this problem when no one else is... why only with 11.4 and not every version? That DLL is in every driver..
  3. your not the only one having issues with 11.4, I am having stuttering issues with 11.4
    during gaming the fan will shut off for about 2 secs and the screen goes blank then it comes back up. I would recommend going back to 11.3 or earlier like im about to do.
  4. Are you sure you downloaded the one for the right version of windows (64 vs 32 bit)?

    I'm using 11.4 currently, had to install twice but it's been working great since.
  5. myself i just installed 11.4 today and wasn't having any issues previously. But I also did just reinstall everything today fresh install of windows because i just got 2 new F120 in raid 0, at first i thought it might be a issue with my ssd's causing the stuttering issue, but i kinda of doubt that hard drive would cause my fan to cut out randomly.

    hopefully its not the card itself
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