E7500 core 2 duo vs phenom 2 965

Can someone tell me if its a big enough upgrade to bother buying the phenom and a motherboard? how much better is it? Thanks
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  1. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/87?vs=102

    try this and you will see yourself
  2. hahah awesome thing thing is exactly what i was looking for, Thank you very much :)
  3. oh thanks
  4. really you were looking for that
  5. Remember you will have to buy memory as well... although DDR3 is VERY inexpensive right now.
    Get a AM3+ motherboard if you plan on upgrading in a year or two to a Bulldozer CPU. LGA775 and DDR2 are still competitive now but are getting outdated.
  6. I think i'm gonna save $150 and just get a lga 775 ddr3 board for now. and just upgrade when bulldozer comes out. Thanks guys.
  7. Bulldozer comes out wednesday.
  8. oh..
  9. There's no point in investing in LGA 775 right now as it's already two sockets back for Intel. The only reason to get an LGA 775 CPU is if you already have a decent lga 775 setup or you can get it dirt cheap.
  10. yeah i already have the e7500 butmy motherboard is running at at 1.6 ghz and i can't change the fsb so i'm just gonna upgrade my motherboard and switch to ddr3.Seems reasonable right? if i had money i'd definitely upgrade but i'm just gonna do this till my xmas bonus i think :)
  11. yeah you are right
  12. Well in that case get some good RAM you can use in your future build, the one you plan to do after Christmas, and a decent board with DDR3 and overclocking options. Overclocking that CPU should give you a good boost till then.
  13. good advice mega thanks, Thats what i'm planning to do..:) also i'll have enough parts for an entire second computer after i upgrade again too, so thats nice little bonus.
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