HD backup

With literally hundreds of backup programs to choose from...hard to decide what to use
no zip or tape. Need to use cdrw or separate partition?
Feedback appreciated.
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  1. Depends on that you want to backup.. if it just data (i.e. Word files, games saves, XXX pics..) a plain CD-R will do the job. Considering that in event of failure you own the CD's for the program files and the OS.. so you can reinstall again..

    If you want to create an image on your entire comp.. try using Adaptecs software. Or if you have the money.. and are excentric enough.. buy another HD.. and use Norton Ghost or Clone.. dont remember the name.. and make an exact image of the current HD.

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  2. Symantec Ghost is definetly a superb tool if you're going to backup your entire drive. You do need an extra HD though but it takes less than twenty minutes and you get an exact copy of your HD.
  3. I second Henrik! Ghost is plastic and fast. I archive partition to file image, then burn *.gho to cdrom along with a copy of ghost...(to be really trick, make cdrom bootable)
    Disk to Disk, it'll transfer .5 gb per minute on fast pcs.
    If you have a network, take a look at PCR Dist...

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  4. If your drive is partitioned, you can create an image file of the C: drive, drop it down to D: as 'Cimage.gho'.
    With high compression, you can get c: and nearly a gb of c's contents onto a cdr.
    Ghost only works in a dos enviornment.

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