New 1155 PC wont start :<

Hey, firstly thanx for reading this post :)

Ok, i baught a new PC. My old one broke. Dont know what happend, dont realy care. It was old :P
So I baught a new Mobo, ram, cpu. I removed my old parts and installed the new ones.
The parts are :
mobo - intel Burrage 1155 socket
Ram - 3x4GB 1333MHZ Kingston standard RAM
CPU - Intel i7 3.4Ghz 2600K

Ok so I took one of my older 80GB HDD`s and installed Windows 7 32bit it.(using another PC ofc). It booted just fine on the other PC. But when I put it in my new PC the new PC doesnt read any bootable devices.

I have tride the following to get it working:

1 - Plugging in my older working HDD
2 - Swapping SATA cables and Ports
3 - using another PC to install windows 7 on another (but also an old) 80GB drive.
4 - Using a flashdrive and the instuctions on the Intel site to update the BIOS.
5 - unplugging everything from the mobo like the frontpannel, other HDD`s.

Ive checked the BIOS, the motherboard does read the HDD`s. It doesnt read a Bootdisc...

PS - When I plug in my old HDD, windows 7 shows the "loading windows" screen, but flashes a blue screen(of death :P) then restarts. The error is 0x0000007B(0xF78D2524, 0xC000034, 0x00000000, 0x000000).

PPS - when I try to install windows(XP) from a bootdisk, the computer blue screens once it says "loading windows". :/

Im stuck.. and I really dont want to take it to a shop but if I have to.. I probably will.
BTW - Im only installing 32bit until I can afford 64bit Ultimate :P
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  1. Ok, the problem is that I only have a windows 7 ISO. Not a bootdisc. Ill try writing a bootdisc and check if it doesnt blue screen.

    And I was wondering if someone was gona ask about the RAM. haha. I initially ordered a x58 mobo, then the supplier told me about the 1155 mobos. My dad was the one that made the new order and forgot to order only 2 sticks instead of 3. While testing the PC I only used 1 or 2 in the sockets marked 1 and 2.
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