Need large media storage +backup+vmware server

Hi all.

I have read a lot on this great site, but havent found exactly what im thinking of. Ideally i would like 1 system to do everything i need, but i am open to splitting to 2 separate ones if needed.

My goals:
1) to have a large(15~20TB) setup for media storage to feed whole
house audio/video. This would be nice if i could start at say 5TB and
be able to expand as needed.(something like unRaid)

2) protected backup ~5TB. used for data that i would absolutely not want
to lose(i.e family photos/videos,computer backup images,docs etc).
this info currently stored on external drives but would rather have
network access to it from any comp in house(thinking raid 5/6)

3) able to run VMware appliances and to experiment with various
operating systems . should be able to handle video recording(pvr)

I have built several desktop systems that worked well in the past, but have never had much to do with raid and large storage. i am also not very current with the latest hardware options

i was looking at getting a RPC-4224 4U Server Case that can hold 24 drives which should be plenty for several years. but if i were to use unraid then i dont know how i would implement goal 2+3 at the same time.
would i be better off making 2 systems, a low power media storage + a higher powered vmware server with protected backups?

also 1 more odd question:
if i were to use hot swappable drives for a raid 5 backup, would it be wise to swap each disk and rebuild the array to have an extra full set of the raid that can stored separately, or is this idea just over the top? (i dont think this data would be changing all to often)

sorry if this is confusing but that is what's in my head :pt1cable:
Any help, thoughts, recommendations for hardware and software would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. The RPC-4224 4U Server Case has only small internal fans . It makes me wonder whether it relies on cooler air conditioned temperatures of a server farm to stay cool .
    Perhaps it will be fine with a relatively low power single cpu set up in a household environment ?

    I would probably take another approach to the kind of system you are looking at .

    Build a relatively conventional 2600k cpu / Z68 motherboard /16 gig of RAM in a larger full tower case [ perhaps an Antec P193 ] which has space for 6 3.5 inch HDD's and 2 x 2.5 inch drives . If you use 3 Terabyte drives and a boot SSD it quickly adds up
    I'd include a RAID controller card rather than rely on the motherboard

    And then a separate NAS , in a different location in the house for critical data file back up

    Back up utilities like Acronis True Image could be useful too
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