GA-Z77MX-D3H SLI Issue

I just bought this mother board and have a gtx 580 graphics card and a pci-e wireless adapter. I intend to get another gtx 580 sometime in the future and get the two in sli. My problem is, it doesn't seem like I can properly get these two cards to fit in the motherboard along with the wireless card. The card in the x16 slot covers the pce-e x1 slot for the adapter and if i put it in the x8 slot then there will be no room for another card in the third pcie slot. So is there a way to get two of these cards in there with a wireless card on this board.
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  1. Any help/advise would be appreciated as to if it is possible to sli on the board with a pcie wireless adapter at the same time (since ,in my location, I cannot get a hardwire to the internet)
  2. Solved.... thanks for all the useful replies
  3. seanxd said:
    Solved.... thanks for all the useful replies

    How did u manage to SLI? also is this motherboard reliable coz I am going to get one
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