Acer aspire m1610 or acer aspire t180 - please help!! :)

hi there everyone,
can anyone help,
acer aspire m1610 or acer aspire t180
i have these two computers and would like to know witch one i should upgrade,
wich one is the better computer- (
and when decided
what should i upgrade
and what are the best parts to use,
or the best way to do it,
im not looking to spend a fortune,
but i dont mind spending a bit, as long as its worth it,
kind regards
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  1. They are both similar. I would remove everything inside whichever case has the best layout and install a new...
    Power supply
    Graphics card

    Or, sell them both on ebay and use the money for parts and a new case.
  2. they are both ***... they are acers to start with and they have crappy chipsets. one has a SIS and the other is a 6100 nvidia. the AMD has the nvidia chipset so thats the better MB but the SIS chipset has the core 2 duo, however it can not go to a core 2 quad.

    just sell them for a few hundred and build new. you can build a comp 100 times those for less than 600 on a budget. with alot more upgradability in the future.
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