Cpu bottleneck?

im running a gtx 470 and a phenom x2 @ 4ghz, is this processor bottlenecking the gpu as whatever i change the settings to in the bf3 beta it doesnt seem to make much of a difference to framerates
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  1. its running at 30 most of the time on caspian border dropping to 15 sometimes even on low :(, im playing at 1080p
  2. It would make sense that it would be your bottleneck, does your mobo support unlocking another core?
  3. From what benchmarks I've seen of the beta, BF3 is basically unplayable on a dual core processor, the frame rates are just terrible compared to a quad core.
  4. thanks for the information, the framerate barely increased going from a 5670 to a overclocked 470, which is rediculous, also i think i got a cpu where the two locked cores are dead, everytimer i try to unlock em, the computer wont even post and i have to clear the cmos, now deciding whether to get a x4/x6 or wait and save up for bulldozer
  5. would a new motherboard have a better chance, as i spent £30 on it, it was the cheapest i could find
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