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Is my Motherboard's sound card DirectX 10 compatible

OK i am building a computer and i really need to know if my motherboard's sound card is DirectX 10 compatible it doesn't say anywhere on the website :/

Motherboard: Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 Motherboard

i don't know what other information i can add, If any of you techxperts can help me it would be very much appreciated :hello: :hello: :bounce: :sarcastic:

My username describes me at the moment haha
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    I don't think that u will have a problem with that : )

    U are good to go. That mobo has all the latest and greatest that u need.

    Review here @
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  3. OH MY GOSH thankyou so much this seems like such a nice community full of knowledgeable people like you. i just signed up to ask this question and i get a response within 15minutes. anyway thankyou so much
  4. You're Welcome : )

    I can agree with you. Lots of great advice on this site.

    BTW, that mobo is great choice.

    What CPU did u get?
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