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Hi, first time on this forum. :)

I have a question, I'm looking at a HP PC HPE-510t, this HP PC only got a 300W power supply, how can it run HD 5670 video card, which requires minimum 400W power supply?

The reason why I ask is because currently I have a HP DC7800, which has a 365W 80% efficient power supply. I installed a HD 5670 video card today, and seem running fine on my 365w power supply, played unreal, left 4 dead2 on max settings.

Here's my power supply label: 12A + 14.5A = 26.5A on 12V rail

I'm also wondering with this power supply, can I use HD 5770 video card, which require minimum 450w power supply.

The power supply calculator shows that my current system without video card only uses about 200w power, which has about 165w power left unused.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Because there are so many crappy power supplies on the market that underdeliver video card manufacturers tend to overstate what is actually required. A 5770 would be pushing it though, I doubt the 12v rails on that psu are independent so you don't actually have 26.5a available on the 12v rail. Probably more like 17.
  2. That unit is enough for a single 5670 with the expectation that you only have two drives in your machine.

    Plug and play, by the way this card uses around 60-70w Max.
  3. thank you, I think I'll stay with 5670. :) I looked through all the power supplys on ncix, none of them fit my case. My current HP power supply is about 4inch high, but all power supplys on market is 3.5inch high. I guess I'll get a new computer soon.
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