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Do these speeds seem right to you guys?

CPU-z reports the following:

NB Frequency: 3032MHz
DRAM frequency 758MHz
CL: 11
tRCD: 11
tRP: 11
tRAS: 29
tRFC: 128
command rate 1T
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More about speeds guys
  1. It depends on what the ram is advertised to run at. It is clearly running at CAS 11, but is that what you were expecting?
  2. It is mushkin blackline, cas 9

    I am concerned with the 800MHz though instead of 1600
  3. well 758Mhz anyways
  4. Also listed under max bandwidth is PC3-10700 (667MHz) even though this is not whats listed in bios. Is CPU-z accurate?
  5. Hmm. Seems that your computer isn't detecting the memory right. Do you have the XMP memory profile selected in the systems BIOS?
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    your ram is running in default O.C. by the board...

    it was PC-10666 (667MHz / DDR3 1333) CAS 9 at specifiction. but u running it in PC-12800 (800MHz / DDR3 1600) CAS 11...

    It's fine in my opinions...
    U may wanna to mannualy O.C. it to see if u can squise more juice from it by reset the timming a bit, or just leave it like that (let the board do it for u).....
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