Inspiron 530 Graphic Upgrade

Im sure you guys have gotten this a LOT but ive just gotta ask myself

I have a Inspiron 530, not the slimline, and I would really like to upgrade it. I currently have a GeForce GT240 with a 300watt PSU (I believe)

I know it isnt a "gaming" build but I would like to try and get as much as I can out of 100-200$

If it helps I would like to be able to run ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead at 1920x1080 on high.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I have the same machine and GPU. I don't game so that reference doesn't mean anything to me but more RAM might help if you're not already maxed out. If you have the Inspiron 530 with the 300W PSU, its motherboard can handle a max of 4GB. (This is true even with a 64 bit OS, it's a motherboard limitation.) The quad-core version with the 350W PSU can handle 8GB, I believe. If you have a single core or slow core2duo CPU, you could upgrade that. The Inspiron 530 with the 300W power supply can handle at most an Intel E8400, if you have something a lot slower now. I don't know the maximum upgrade to the quad-core/350W version, which can handle both dual and quad core CPUs

    With the 300W PSU and no separate power connector, the GT240 (with DDR5 memory, anyway) is about as fast as it gets. Even if you have one with slower memory, it's probably not worth spending money to improve its speed. But if you're willing to spend some of your $$ on a new PSU, you'd still have enough to get a faster card, though you'd probably end up at the higher end of your budget.

    I haven't had time to install my new PSU myself, but I've seen pics of the Corsair Builders' Series 500W PSU installed in the machine, so for reference, that one fits. There are a couple of useful threads about upgrading the PSU in an Inspiron 530 specifically here and on the Dell boards. This is one is pretty detailed:
  2. ^+1 good info

    without a PSU upgrade really cant do much better than a GT 240

    with a good PSU and if you have the room then look at
    the Asus DirectCU 768mb GTX 460

    they are about $150 plus rebates

    so you would have $50 for psu
    and 150 for card
  3. Thanks for the responses, I think ill probably wait until I'm able to get a decent PSU and Graphic Card.
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