any way to make a ramdisk?

For fun I was looking up Solid State drives and it's obviously INSANELY cheaper to buy 2.0 GB of memory instead of .5GB of SSD. Is there any easy way to partition the main memory so that on startup the hard disk loads a partition into main memory and then be able to access that partition in memory using an ordinary drive letter?
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  1. Yeah, in Win98 there is a RAMDRIVE (or RAMDISK) sys file.
    I cant remember which as it was a while ago but if you look for it youll find it.
    I am not aware of such a driver for NT/2000 (dunno about ME)

    Win98 detects the ramdrive as what it is and provides a drive letter for it.
    I am not sure of the size limitation for the device (it is loaded in the config.sys at startup).
    I stopped using it because I did not have enough ram to make it worthwile and I think I remember some incompatability with a game or program I used to run (cant remember what now tho as it was a couple of years ago)

    I know this is not a complete answer for your question but it is enough for you to solve your query with.
    Look for the resources, they are there and with a little thought and experimentation you will work it out.

    <b><font color=blue>Cheers</font color=blue></b>
  2. thanks for the info. But will the os automatically save the ramdrive to disk at shutdown and then reload it at startup?
  3. Well, I got it working, but am definitely experiencing some "weird" things going on. First off, I can't open any excel documents (it says i can't open the read-only file when they are archives). Another weird thing I notices was that my winamp skin doesn't show when I have a ramdisk. I'm slightly baffled.
  4. well, if anyone cares, I got it to work with no problems. Yea me. I had just forgotten to use himem.sys and I think that's why I was having problems.
  5. Have you found a limitation in size? It would be great to make a 700mb ramdisk for burning purposes :)
  6. A ramdisk is just that. A disk made out of ram. Thus, when you turn off the system, the ramdisk disapears. You will have to copy the contents somewhere before it shuts down. If you know some old basic you can edit your autoexec to copy over all your files after the ramdisk is made and before windows starts.

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