Can my Corsair HX850 handle SLI GTX560s?

Running on a 23" 1080p monitor, 2stick 8g G.kill memory, i7 2600k, ASRock Premium4, H70 cooler

Both gtx 560s are from Gygabyte overclocked (Not the superoverclocked one)
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  1. Yes. A quality 750w is enough for SLI 560's.
  2. That system (with 30% cap. aging) will run about 570w total and recommended psu wattage would be 620... so youre fine.
  3. what you should do is send me your hx850 and buy a 1200W corsair supply. I'll even pay for shipping :)
  4. 850W could run SLI 580s... so pretty sure you're fine ;)
  5. I'm running SLI 560's right now with an HX750 so you'll be fine...
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