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I recently got a Sparkle GTX460 1GB and the card is surprisingly loud at idle. I used afterburner and the gpu is idling around 25C. The lowest that I can set the fan using afterburner is 40% which is still too loud. Is it normal for my card to be loud at its min fan speed at idle?

If this is normal behavior, is there a way I could modify the bios or something to lower the min fan speed to 30-35%?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. That is a great way to kill your card, trust me noise is cheap but a new card is not so just live with it or return it. The core is cool but the power vrm on these cards during load are known to get very hot very quickly and the highest that has been recorded is 153c!
  2. My friend's GTX460 is hardly audible at idle. I'm wondering if I were to RMA the card, would the replacement card would be any quieter?
  3. Im running a asus gtx460 and it is silent. on idle it is running at a temp of 24 and on load it has reached 53, even at 53 i still cant here the gpu.

    My antec tricool fans are louder on min than the fan on the gpu.

    my mate has a msi gtx460 and that is just as quiet as mine and that has been oc'ed slightly. i would speak to the supplier and see what they say, see if they would class it as a fault
  4. I called up tigerdirect to ask them about a replacement. Turns out they're letting me get a full refund for the card with no restocking fee so I'm going to do that and get a different GTX460.
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