What is replacing Xeon i3-1200 series and Chipset C206 with....


I love the C206 Asus it sounds very promising, I love the cost of the i3-1200 series. Before we go any further, I am not looking for the ultra fast of fastest but the smoothest worklflow and ability to go HIGH in Autodesk products (Max, Photoshop, Painter and Mudbox are primary software I use).
I settled for a ATI V7900, may be very slightly slower than quadro 4000 but wayyyy more speed/efficiency than I need for Mudbox and Max and can't beat multi screen and real dual GPU as crossfire unlike OS based SLI for Quadro 4000 .
While the chipset C206 and i3-1200 series are promising for my line of work I just wonder if anyone know what the chipset and CPU lineup will be replaced with by Intel in November, if any...
Any rumors on what is replacing what I think is bromolo? This word pops out, not sure why.
The point is that i3-1200 are apparently limited with dual channel and I would love going around 24 gigs of ram instead of 16.
The second point is that I know i3 for desktop is the lowest market CPU base so I am a bit anxious in spending 350 bucks for something that may be the bottleneck of my machine.

Any thoughts, or help please?
Thanks in advance,
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  1. Found something about xeon replacement for the e-1200 series or so I think it is, am I wrong?

    Just need to find if something is going to replace Bromolo (hope I did not misspell the chipset name), or find a new chipset that emphasizes and surpasses the bromolo.
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