Streaming/Download issues on Acer laptop

Hey. Recently I've had some issues with my Acer Extensa 5635Z. At first, some of my downloads just halted and had to be redownloaded like four or five times to succeed. It has then worsened with streaming videos (Youtube and Grooveshark for instance) halting, and sometimes I experience (However this has only been at home. Might be my ISP) that Windows messages me about two identical IPs being used at same time.

I'm not really that experienced in networking hardware and issues, so I'm just gotta list the hardware:

Atheros AR5B91 Wireless Network Adapter
Atheros AR8131 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Microsoft 6to4 (With code error 31, but the wiseheads says to ignore this and I've found no solution)
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  1. Does the issue occur when you are wired to your router? Does this happen with other computers on your network? Does this still happen when you take your computer and use some other internet connection?

    It is possible for router to go bad and they are such a pain when they are going out. Check these three things and if it this happens on more than one computer and doesn't happen when you are using someone else's connection, it's most likely the router.
  2. Hey. I'm pretty sure it happens everywhere. I've been at school and at home, and it happened both places. My desktop computer has begun doing this aswell. It's not really a problem on the desktop, however; it seems pretty random and might be the source that halts the downloads at times. I'm always wired to the router at home, but happened when it was wireless aswell. So far I've only really noticed this with bigger files and youtube/grooveshark streaming.

    The Switch we are using is in pretty bad shape. But I'm pretty sure it does not disconnect, since it always takes about 10 seconds for the computer to reconnect. I can still browse the web while the download halts.

    Oh, and I'm using Firefox on Vista (Which, by the way, is an "invalid" version. Good job, acer. I love your laptops and solutions.)
  3. If it happens at more locations then it seems like it could be the computer that you are on.

    Go make a linux live cd and boot your laptop to that. If the issue still occurs when you are in linux then it could be a hardware issue, if not, you would be looking at a software issue and a reload would get rid of all of our missing files and possible viruses.

    Oh yeah, and if its not a valid version just go to:
    1. Start
    2. Right-click on Computer
    3. Select properties
    4. Scroll down and choose change product key
    5. Type in the product key that is on the coa on the bottom of your computer
  4. Hey. Certainly a good idea. My friend has some kind of linux on an USB (Might work too, I guess? :-) ) . I'm certain it's the drivers causing this, but who knows. Acer's HDDs (I don't know the manufacturer) are quite fragile aswell (Had it replaced twice now).

    As for the invalid Vista, I've tried that one. It completely denies the OEM key.

    Acer suggested flashing the BIOS. It worked. But some time after my computer shut down because of power shortage and it just went back to the same old yapping about how illegal my computer was. Only way now, they say, is returning the computer. The last two times it took them almost two months. I simply don't have time for that because of school.

    But it's not like Windows is limited or anything. I might just remove Vista since it completely drains the computer at turn on.
  5. Since the key won't take, you should call the Microsoft Product Activation Center. I have had issues like this solved before. The hardest part is going through the automation before you talk to someone.

    Flashing the BIOS is a total BS answer, has nothing to do with your Windows activation.

    Yes, Linux on a usb drive will work to test the wireless as well. I actually have Linux Mint on a 4GB that I got from work, and Joli Cloud on my 8GB and they have come in handy on many occasions.

    Oh, and you can always install Windows 7 too :)
    Good luck:)
  6. Yup. I used a linux USB last time my harddisk went kaput and I had to fetch school notes. Actually, I've done that twice with this laptop.

    Well, I'll give it a try after I've returned to Copenhagen next week. And thanks for the activation help :-)

    Windows 7 might be awesome, but it's just too awesome for my laptop. I use my (overheating) desktop for awesome stuff..!
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