Need help slow PC

Hello, can anyone out here help me root out my PC problems?

The problem :
Yesterday while I'm surfing the net my PC suddenly slows down like an elder snail that I can't even do anything so I hit the reset button to restart my PC and things starts to get ugly.

Every time I tried to boot my PC after the bios screen flash I have to wait literally hours to see the screen "starting windows with windows logo on" and after that the screen just hangs there without proceeding to the select user screen (I don't know whether my PC freezes at this time or it is actually running but with the speed of an elderly snail).

I've restarted my PC again and this time my PC prompt me to do a startup repair which I did, and it lasted for extremely long hours I even leave it overnight before bed and I wake up today it still running without any progress so I restart my PC again.

Opting to force my PC into safemode but my PC freezes after all of the drivers file loaded.So I try to reformat and do a clean install of win 7 but the installation process too been affected by the slowness (I have done many clean installation with this PC before and the installation process always smooth and fast this is the first time the installation process takes extremely long to complete the sub process it took about 2hrs to complete the "copy the windows files" process before going on to the "expanding windows file" process which seems like an eternity to complete so due to not have a patience of a saint I shut off my PC without completing the installation out of frustration and because I have other things to do other than waiting in front of my monitor screen all day like watching a paint dry. So since I have no idea what causes the problem I hope anyone out here can. Thanks

My system;
MOBO: Asus M4A77TD Pro

CPU: AMD Phenom II 64 X4 955 3.2 GHz 8MB AM3

RAM: Kingston 2GB PC1333 DDR3

HDD: WD HDD SATA II 320GB 7200 RPM 16 MB (split into 2 partitions)

PSU: CoolerMaster 550w extreme

GPU: Sapphire ATI radeon 5770 1GB

OS: Win 7 Home Premium 64
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  1. I'd say you probably need a new hard drive .
  2. Bad system disk or damaged windows instalation /maybe by some sort of malitious software/ are among the best guesses here.
    And there are several things in between these two - damaged partition, damaged logical structure...
  3. so my hdd is the culprit?
    is there a solution to fix this other than the obvious buying a new hdd?
    just wondering if my files and datas from the second partition can still be salvageable?
  4. I'd say theres an excellent chance your hard drive is damaged

    Anything else the computer either runs ...or it doesnt

    In a small number of cases I'd say a low level format might fix it ... but Im not hopeful
  5. It had me thinking in my head near the beginning, "it's his browser. My Opera is always downloading a new version which takes longer to open than it did before." By the end though, I was convinced that your HDD died, like watching a lightbulb work, but then burn out in front of your eye (which happened to me today). There are data recovery systems, and companies that will provide you with the service, but it is possible you do it on your own. Hook your drive up to a different port and start copying. If you thought it took long before, wait until you try that. BTW, if your computer seems frozen when an HDD is copying, it's not. It will error out if that happens.
  6. Thanks for the reply and you guys are right it is my damaged HDD that caused the problems, I asked a friend to help me to backup the data from my faulty HDD it took him 3 days to recover it albeit some of them are damaged therefore unable to copy .

    Anyways according to my friend who's helping me fixing my PC reports that my PC now hangs occasionally he still yet to identify what cause the problem.
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