6 moniors graphic cards HELP...

Hi All,

Can I use 6 monitors with ASUS EAH6970 video card that have 2 DVI and 4 HDMI?

If yes, the quality of DVI and HDMI is the same?
This card is using PCIex16 2.1. Is it compatible with PCIex16 2.0 motherboard?

Comments and ideals are very apprecited.

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  1. Yes, but your post is wrong.

    Those aren't HDMI ports, those are Displayports. They are quite different.

    And to get it out of the way quick, yes the video card will be compatible.


    If you plan on connecting 3 or more monitors, up to 6, on that video card, then monitors 3-6 will have to use the Displayport connections. If your monitors do not have displayport receivers on their end, then you must use ACTIVE displayport adapters, to change them to whatever connection you'll need (IE: DVI, VGA, etc.).

    Passive displayport adapters WILL NOT WORK. You need ACTIVE ones.

    So, to summarize, you will have 2 of your monitors connected via DVI, just like normal, then have 4 monitors connected via your displayports (and if needed, all 4 using ACTIVE Displayport > DVI/VGA/whatever adapters)
  2. Thank you for your comment. That helps me alot.
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