Chances of Unlocking Phenom II x2 555 to Phenom II x4 955

What are the chances of unlocking the dual core to a quad core with a GA-990FX mobo?
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  1. If it is unlock able then that board will do it as well as any other board that supports unlock! (it is depending on the CPU)
  2. Should I go for Phenom II 555 w/ Gigabyte 990FX UD3 or Phenom II 840 w/ Asrock 970 extreme4? they both cost almost the same price.
  3. You are guaranteed a quad if you go with the 840! You might get lucky with the X2 but you might get stuck with a X2. The FX board is though feature rich and will be good if at later date you plan to upgrade to bulldozer.
  4. My current CPU is a core 2 quad q9300 so I would be downgrading if I went from quad to dual....... On other hand 955 > q9300 and 990 > 970. The question is, should I take the risk? I'll benefit greatly if it works out, on the other hand, I'll actually be DOWNGRADING if unsuccessful. Well, I plan on upgrading to Bulldozer in about 6 months after I make this system. So should I just go with 555?
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    If you are doing a stop gap (I just did one with a 970 and X3 450) taking the change on the Phenom II 555BE makes sense. Remember it overclocks easy.
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