I no what I want! But need advice!

Hello Guys!

I've been in and out of these forums for weeks making my system... I'm pretty happy at the conclusion but need some advice on these parts.

Asus GTX 580 Matrix $690 or the Asus 6990 $710
AsRock p76 Fatality $270
TT CPU Cooler $60
Silver stone 1200W Gold edition $265
i5 2500k $205
16GB Vengence $140
NZXT Phantom Red Full case $180

I noticed the GTX card can be replaced by EVGA make, is this worth the savings?

I monitor 22" - 52" TV

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Keep in mind I'm from AU so any prices you link or direct me to please be somewhere I can access.

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  1. Ok first of all it's KNOW, not NO. (Title)

    Second of all, it's P67, not P76. I would recommend a Z68.

    You said the GTX card can be replaced by the EVGA make......what do you mean by that? GTX is part of the name of the card, not a brand. The brand is Asus. So....I take it you MEANT, "should I replaced the Asus with the EVGA"? Then you ask if it's worth the savings? But you didn't tell us what the cost of the EVGA card is, so that's an impossible question to answer.

    You whole post is impossible to decipher.
  2. AsRock p76 Fatality $270 - you mean p67, right? for these money I think you should buy something z68 based - and I realy can argue for this.
  3. I think he's actually buying the p76 mobo,
    its just that you guys are soooooo far behind tech with your z86's and p67's lol :P
    He doesn't mention which thermaltake cooler he is considering for the heatsink, maybe a model number please Op?
    too much ram for a game only rig, 4 or 8 max and put money elsewhere or save
    and a 1200w is way overkill for requirements,I like overkill on psu's to a point but I think you exceed it by a margin, an 850w would be considered too much by some, again more savings there
  4. I apologise greatly,

    Let me try again.
    P67 Asrock motherboard

    The GTX580 Asus is 680
    The GTX580 EVGA ( not sure on brand but it's something like that is 580) almost 100 less. I'm concerned about the different make of the card.
    Is it better to go 6990 Asus for $720?

    The power is very over kill, for $265 I think it was I'm not sure I'll need it.
    Can anyone suggest another power supply for a lot less?

    The RAM as I understood from most only put 8GB is there a huge difference with 8GB and 16GB? Can you even tell the difference.

    Right now I'm bouncing...

    P67 Fatality motherboard or UD7 Gigabyte
    GTX580 or 6990
    Asus or EVGA

    Hope this better explains my original post.
  5. GTX 580, gives you physx and cuda (although you probably won't use cuda...) it also uses a lot less power, but i think the GTX 580 is competing with the 6970, not the 6990. GTX 580 vs 6970 @ http://www.hwcompare.com/9154/geforce-gtx-580-vs-radeon-hd-6970/ and GTX 580 vs 6990 @ http://www.hwcompare.com/9546/geforce-gtx-580-vs-radeon-hd-6990/

    as you can see, the 6990 blows away the GTX 580. (but i still recommend the GTX 580 because IMO Nvidia + intel =WIN) if you get a 6990, get an old Geforce for physx,
  6. I should have also specified it's the GTX 580 Matrix card.

    Do you think the physx makes THAT much difference? I'm after the best possible frame rate.
  7. physxs won't help at all with the frame rate, it helps with the "reality" of the game, look up some screenshot with physx on and off. if you want best frame rate go for a 6990, but IMO there is no need to spend the extra money on a ASUS card. IMO i think all the cards are the same (except super OC editions) and all they do is label it and stick a sticker on it
  8. Hello everyone -

    After 8 posts in different sections which I'm sure has fustrated people I've finally paid for my system to be built and ready for pick up tomorrow.

    This is what I decided.

    NZXT Phantom Full Red - Case
    Dominator Red 8GB 1866Hz ( fans inc )
    Antec 900W High Voltage Red/black
    6990 Asus 4GB
    i5 2500k OC
    AsRock Fatality Professional Red/Black
    TT Heat sink - Red
    500 T HD 7200rpm
    Win 7 Pro 64 bit

    Total $1650

    Thanks so much for all your help. - I'll post pics tomorrow on my red looking machine!!!
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