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(sorry if you already read this its because i posted this a few days ago and got almost no response so i decided to repost) I built an Intel based core i5-2500k PC. The motherboard is an Asus p8p67-pro rev. 3, the video card is a sapphire radeon 6950 dirt 3 edition, my memory is 2x4GB Corsair sticks at 1600mz and my PSU is a Corsair AX-750 And it was working fine for the past month but then it stopped. What happened is that i was playing minecraft and my computer just shut down and wouldn't turn on. I unplugged the power supply for 10 minutes and it turned on for enough time to show the ''windows starting up'' screen, then it shut down again and wouldn't turn on.I left it unplugged for the night and then then decided to try again. It managed to stay on for 10 or so minutes but again turned off and wouldn't want to turn on again. when it is plugged in the motherboard light turns on green, like usual, even when it won't turn on. Could my PSU be fried?I never really checked my temps but i did in the bios and they got to 58-64C~ and then it shuts down (when i check in the Bios). I am on stock cooling in a Cooler master half-X . Whats wrong? I need help, could it be the PSU or the motherboard.Oh and the heatsink is in properly :). Thanks in advance!
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  1. The PSU is a good place to start your diagnosis. Grab a digital multimeter and check the voltages from the wires on the P1 connector.

    Red = +5v
    Yellow = +12v
    Orange = +3.3v
    Blue = -5v
    brown = +3.3v
    green = +5v
    purple = +5v
    black is ground
    gray will go from zero to +5v when you turn on the switch

    If the PSU checks out ok, do the following:

    1. Clear CMOS or press F9 in the BIOS, or both
    2. Press the F8 key immediately and repeatedly after the mobo splash screen - then select safe mode from the menu
    3. Press F8 to access the advanced menu again, but this time select last known good config (may be worded differently, depening on your OS version)
    4. Check the event log
  2. sounds like its overheating

    why get such a decent set up and use the stock cooler?

    i would say either one or more of the pins isnt in right--this is common on the push pin cpu coolers they look in ok but havent clicked home properly

    or you may have used too much thermal paste if the cooler had pre applied paste and you added more

    64c in the bios seems too hot for an i5-2500k i assume the cpu fan is spinning?

    i would stick something like a coolermaster hyper 212 plus heatsink on there--good cooler but still cheap price wise
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