Bogus Subzero Sense Warning on Asus Rampage IV Extreme

I keep getting pop-up warnings in the corner of my screen saying "Warning! Subzero Sense 1 6549.0 Centigrade". I can't figure out how to disable them. They pop up every 10 seconds or so and, needless to say, it's extremely annoying. I have an overclocked machine with the Asus Rampage IV Extreme motherboard and intel i7-3960 processor. I've tried restarting, and installing updates, but the warning has been popping up for several weeks. They started about a month after I got the machine. I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks!
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  1. I have the same problem, but only when starting up windows. After that no more popups.
  2. Edit: I was able to solve the problem by downloading the Asus AI Suite II.
  3. How did you solve it? Did you just ignore sensor temp?
    I just filmed the BIOS while booting, it takes me almost 17minutes for that sensor to stabilise at about 41ºC... be it on Windows or on BIOS (either one of the BIOS)

    On startup (after AC is plugged out) the sensor starts at 80ºC and goes up to 100ºC. then it gets down and up in +-20ºC variations untill it gets down to around the MOBO temperature..


    Up until yesterday it took about 17 minutes for the sensor to go to a normal temp, i've got the pc running for more than an hour and that sensor is still at 98.2ºC
    I'd love to know if it is any BIOS error or if the sensor is just dead or dieing... because it's kind of impossible i believe to have 1 area of my MOBO at 100ºC constant and all other areas, components and temperatures under 50ºC
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