CM scout fan controller and case fan leds

hey guys,

i have a cm storm scout and a nzxt sentry 2 fan controller.

wheni plug the fans into the controller via 4pin molexs (with a female-female) adapter in the middle to the molex power connector in the fan controller,
i try and turn the lights on via the switch on top and it doesnt work.

the fans cant be controlled while the leds are connected, so you have to disconnect the led cords.

im not sure what is wrong but could it be that the fans have to be connected via the 3pin that the controller offers (u can use 3 or 4 pin connector). and i dont even think the leds are connected to the fan power as its got different leads..

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  1. these fan use a 2 pins connectors for it an a 2 pins for the led,only the top one have 3 pins.
  2. well my two clear LEd fans have only a 4pin molex for the power, but the LED cords which are seperate are 2 pin.

    im not sure i understand what your trying to say
  3. the led goes on a molex with 2 pins and use 12 volts to lit,i am using tha same case.
  4. yes i know that. maybe my question wasnt clear.

    the lights on the fans dont work when the fans are powered through my fan controller. and i cannot change the fans speed or turn the lights on/off while its plugged in. my only solution was to disconnect the leds via the 2 pin, and that ended up making everyhting work. but now the lights are useless as it wont let me plug them in and make the controller work at the same time
  5. you could ask nzxt directly for this could be how the controler was build.i don't use one so no way for me to help.
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