When i run games that needs a good videocard, my pc restarts or freezes out.

Hello, My name is john and i have a problem with my pc, i have videocard NVidia 7300 GT and when i run games that requires good performance my pc restarts or Crashes/freezes in 0-5 minutes, and yes, my cooler works bad the last dayz, and i don't know th real problem, can it be because of bad cooler?
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  1. Yeah, your card could be overheating and locking up. There is software you can use to keep an eye on GPU temps but it's really a very poor card for gaming anyway so this sounds like a good excuse to upgrade. Even a cheap $50 card would be many times faster.
  2. thx for help...
    yes i will buy new pc soon, but i need to fix my videocard first, so if it's coz of cooler, if i change to other it will help, or videocard works only with the original one?
  3. could you list you power suply are you sure that it is sufficant, mosts motherboards do have a trigger to restart your computer if the temperatures exeed a normal amount. Download freeware like speedfan... then tell us your temps? Have you also tried cleaning the fan or your card with compressed air or something?
  4. You can buy a new cooler.

    However, if you are going to buy a new PC soon, then perhaps spending money on a new cooler is not necessarily the best thing to do. You can buy the following replacement cooler for $12 + $2 shipping which is compatible with your card; at least according to the manufacturer's website.


    An alternative is to buy a new card if you don't mind dealing with a mail-in rebate. The following GeForce 8400GS should be slightly faster than your 7300GT and can be purchased for $5 (after rebate and promo code VGAZ161A) + $4 shipping.

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