HELP: Strange Freezing

So first of all, the pc is as follows:

6GB DDR2 (2x1) (2x2) different,all :/ - Memtested, for a while, no problems.
GTX550 Ti
P5k Mobo
7200rpm hdd

So, I got new better cooled case, and new GPU, add 2g of RAM to deal with Premiere no being able to manage 7, yes 7 layers, so mercury hack and all, the video actually stutters more now than with software only. Bar goes from red to yellow but stutters more.

More facts, when I open new tabs on chrome the music stutters too. Vimeo full screen stutters too. Something makes me thing it's all related. Something is wrong but I don't know what.

Recent Windows 7 installation also. Old one didn't stutter on VimeoHD fullscreen, neither.

Performance monitor does not show any interesting spikes when I do either, obviously in premiere rendering CPU is max and RAM almost. Temp is arround 50ºC.

So, I know it is not a perfect machine but it should do all this tasks without any hiccups.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. So you have 3 sticks of ram or 4 sticks.

    2x1 or 2x2 doesnt tell us if you mean 2gbx1 or 2x1gb.
  2. I have 4 sticks, all kingston

    1G 333mhz
    1G 400mhz
    2g 400mhz
    2g 400mhz

    The 1G are in one color, and the 2G are in the other.

    You think it has to do with the memory?
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