Cod uo wont work after new video card installation

I just Installed 6950 card and now My cod uo doesn't work this is the message I get. coduo.exe has stopped working, need help please. Thank you, chuck
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  1. Hi that's what i would try:

    Update windows (if not done already)

    1- uninstall the game
    2- download last driver for GC
    3-Uninstall video card

    4- install ccleaner. -cleanup disk + registery
    5- reboot
    6- install Gc driver
    7-install game

    voila! hopefully it worked
  2. Followed your steps by the numbers still same error.. Thanks for your help it was worth a try..Chuck
  3. I ran revo uninstaller, ccleaner, and a registry clean, deleted the drivers for the card, uninstalled the card, rebooted, installed latest drivers, and installed game (for the fifth time) and It WORKED!!!!! Thanks for the help.. Chuck
  4. I was looking and Dextermat you had the right idea, maybe it was the revo that helped..
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