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(07-Oct-11) Hello,

I inherited a HP a1600n that had been little used, but kept very clean.
1GB default RAM (512x2) and I added two 1GB SIMMs about 2-months ago. All had been working like a champ - even got a new NetGear wireless adapter which worked great with my wireless Verizon DSL.

About 3-4 weeks ago I noticed that the hp a1600n (XP Home Ed. sp3) did not boot upon first power on (fans but no display) - this happened two, maybe three times over a 2-week period. I held the start button forcing power off, re-started and all was OK. Yesterday, the above no start issue re-appeared, but would not restart until I removed power plug, waited a few and re-inserted. And as soon as I re-inserted the power cord into the PC, the machine powered up immediately - I did not have to press the power button. Not sure if that's SOP, but I would have thought after disconect of power cord that I'd have to press the front power button.

The fans spin and with the cover removed, it feels like the disk drive is also spinning (but there's no disk activity light on front). Also, it does not beep at all during the start process (I believe it's usually a quick 2 beeps during a normal start).

The monitor displays 'no input signal' and goes to sleep. I have tested the monitor/cables on a laptop and they are fine. The keyboard lights flash on first power on but I do not think it's getting a proper signal because I am not able to activate the caps lock, num lock or scroll lock - I cannot test the keyboard but have tried a 2nd keyboard and rec'd the same results.

I have tried quite a bit of troubleshooting via research:
- removed battery (start without, did reset, etc.).
- removed, re-seated memory, unplugged/re-plugged SATA hard drive.
- disabled memory card reader cable from the drive (supposedly a known HP issue).
- even without video, I followed the steps to reset the BIOS - tested for both v6/under and v7/greater.
- tried the fixes/resets for an accidental Power Saving state issues.

The monitor connects via a built-in video connection and there's an NVIDIA chip on the MBoard.

I'm wiped out -- any other ideas?

Thank you,
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  1. 12:15am (you've got to be kidding me - I need to get a life)

    Problem solved - bad PCI card. I never used this and never suspected because it was standard issue with the HP Pavilion Media Center a1600n Desktop PC.

    Many thanks to

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