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i am using Core I3 system with built in graphic card...i am basically an artist and animation designer so i use software's like adobe Photoshop coral etc....
problem: while using Photoshop my CPU usage goes very high... 85% on wards... so then system becomes very slow... not able to work... kindly suggest me a solution for this problem....

1. shall i increase 2 GB RAM
2. Shall i increase 1 GB graphic card
3. shall i shift to a better system..... may be core I7.... or suggest me which is better... with same price range

i am facing a problem. kindly help me

thank u
naveen r
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  1. An i3 isn't the best choice for CPU heavy tasks. However, I doubt it's the main cause of the issue. A new GPU helped me boost rendering performance significantly (mine has 1GB of GDDR5 VRAM). I have 4GB of RAM, but I would recommend 8GB or more for your use.
  2. You have settled for a very basic system with regards to your needs. I think what you are suffering from here is the CPU dedication to graphics interfacing. Firstly i would recommend a proper graphics card upgrade and see how much strain that takes off the processor there after processor and then RAM. Try look at an Nvidia GTX 560TI if you do are going to consider a card i use a GTX460 for my design so should help quiet a bit.
  3. Buying a separate graphics card should help. From what I've read, Photoshop doesn't really rely on the video card except when you apply some particle effects so it does not have to be a very powerful video card. The reason why it will help is because the integrated graphics uses some of your system RAM. Therefore, it frees up some RAM; 512MB I think. You should be able to find those cards for around $50 - $70 after rebate.

    Depending on which Core i3 CPU you have, you will either have the Intel HD 2000 or HD 3000. The Intel HD 3000 is about as fast as a Radeon HD 5450 so if you decide to buy a video card you want something a little faster than that like the Radeon HD 5570 or the slightly faster Radeon HD 6570.
  4. +1^ thats correct also because of the new inbuilt graphics technology Intel has incorporated into there chips, some of your processor rendering goes to the graphics interface. Are you doing a lot of rendering on the system? if so i would recommend you move up a notch on the processor maybe a core i5 or core i7 dependent on budget and what or how quickly you will want to be rendering.
  5. thank u all,

    i have added 2 gb DDR RAM, and i feel the performance has improved a little and i will be buying the graphic card too...

    thank u for all u r suggestions and support.
    naveen r
  6. Not a hassle Naveen please shout if you have any further issues.
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