My new gaming computer build - does it work? -first time builldin'

This is my first time building a computer and I would like it if people said that everthing works together perfectly :D, because I probably did something wrong.

case: NZXT Lexa-S mid tower:

mobo: gigabyte am3+:

graphics card: his iceq-x radeon hd 6850:

cpu: amd phenom ii x4 965:

psu: rosewill 700 watt:

ram: muskin 2 x 4b ddr3 1600:

hd: seagate 1tb 7200rpm 32mb cache:

cd drive:

wireless network card:

nzxt fan controller ( the one with that fits in two 5.25 inch bays or w/e):

my card reader (i think this all works exluding the e-sata):

im also getting some thermal compound and anti static stuff to build it, but am i missing anything and does everything connect well? thanks, this will be my first attempt at building :/ hope it goes well.

any advice or suggestions to change components are welcome :)
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  1. Lose the RAM. Its expensive and you don't need 8GB of it. Mushkin is a good name and you should stick with the brand. You just don't need Redline 8GB. To be honest, nobody needs Redline. Its just a prestige but if thats what you're going for grab Redline 4GB, I did.

    Use the money you saved from the RAM to get a better PSU. Antec makes quality PSU's at an affordable price. So does Corsair and OCZ. You can probably find a reasonable modular PSU from OCZ and Coolermaster, which is also getting a name for itself in PSUs

    Do you really need the card reader? Its extra $$$ that would be better off elsewhere like graphics. Do you really need that fan controller? It seems your case has a door on it so its pretty pointless to have such a flashy fan controller. Some cases have fan controllers already installed. Antec has quite a few that have that feature but if you really like the case stick with it.

    6850 is nice but for $20 you can grab a 6870 or GTX460. Both would be better choices. If you decide the GTX460, go for an OCed one as that's where they really shine.

    Other than that your build looks pretty good. If you can expand your budget I would strongly suggest an 1155 Intel platform. It will cost you an extra $100 but it would be worth it.
  2. Ok thank you both for the advice and I will look into them :P I also just realized I could expand my budget to 1100 dollars so I think I will def get a new bid card and psu. Thanks again for the replies :)
  3. ok so i changed my video card to this:

    and my power supply to this:

    and i could not find mushkin redline 2 x 2gb so i got blackline:
  4. did i do good? is there anything else i should change?
  5. with the amount of money your gonna be putting down on this rig i woudl suggest you go the i5-2500k route its a lot better and with the extra money you said u can spend it should be well withing ur price range.

    belive me u overclock a 2500k and its gonna crap on that phenom.
  6. ok sounds good thnx
  7. Are you comfortable with the idea of dual GPU solution , if yes then here's a build based on two GTX 560Ti:(excludes card reader an fan controller, card)

    CPU & Motherboard: $325- i5-2500K & MSI P67A G45 ( great processor )

    RAM : $70- Corsair Vengeance (2X 4GB)

    Power Supply: $110- Corsair Enthusiast TX750 (Capable of powering two cards, cheaper with $15 promo code)

    Graphic Card : $470- 2X EVGA GTX 560 Ti (SLI performance )

    HDD : $55- Samsung Spinpoint 1TB (Cheaper with $5 promo code)

    Case : $60-Cooler Master HAF 912

    Optical Drive : $19- LiteOn

    Total (Excluding Rebates) : 1109 USD

    If this goes overbudget or need to accommodate the extra components , possible suggestion would be to drop the second 560Ti and save $235. Later when you have money get it.
  8. @z_4:

    I'm comfortable with anything in budget :D but just getting a second gpu unit later sounds better than all-at-once. I'm looking deeper into intel builds since u and others keep suggesting them. Thanks for the help :D

    @p07: thnx for ur suggestions also, I appreciate them very much :)
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