What graphic card would be fine to connect my pc to hdtv ?

I want to connect my pc to my new led tv.
tv is Sony Bravia 22" 22ex420
resolution - 1366x768
now, the tv has 2 hdmi ports, a vga for pc input & those red, blue ports.
so, I just want a low-end graphic card just able to play hd movies & stuff on the tv. I don't want to play games on the pc.(i have a ps3 for that!!!)
Currently the graphic card i'm using is Nvidia 7200 GS 256mb. its very old & doesn't work with the tv - i get a black screen.

I'm thinking of buying Nvidia Geforce 210. it has hdmi and vga ports, so connecting it wouldn't be a problem. & its real CHEAP!!!!

So plz suggest what kind of graphic card would be best for the tv.

now, my pc has:
Pentium dual core processor (1.6 GHz)
1 Gb ram (I might grab a 2gb ram too while I'm buying the card)
and the Psu power output is 450W (which i think is fine for most of the cards-low end)

plz plz plz reply soon!!!!!

& one more thing I'm not sure if my motherboard can support that PCI express 2.0 thing, I bought my pc back in 2007)
what I'm asking here is are the cards backward compatible in case i dont have PCIe 2.0 ?????

& once again i don't want a high priced card, i just want it to able to run the tv without any problem thats it nothing more.

Thanks for the help,
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  2. Pcie cards are backward compatible (Thank heavens). They just operate with the old bandwidth of the port. I think you should be fine for only movies, but I really don't know about requirements of playing movies from a comp to a TV.
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