AMD 965 X4 @ 4.0GHz overclock question

So the cpus a 965 X4 4.0GHz, the voltage is at 1.50v which seems quite high?...
its a big fat after market cooler and it runs super cool. It idles at 35C and 56C(Core Temp) is the highest temp I've ever seen on it after hours of running 3d mark vantage CPU tests(repeated for 6 hours). No blue screens, glitches, shutdowns, or anything out of the ordinary. Before i was informed by a friend, I thought as long everything looks smooth that the temperature is the only thing to worry about when overclocking. need some more input on this.

My main question is are the above temperatures safe enough to not worry about this CPU, and second am i completely cutting this processors overall life in half because of such a high voltage?

much appreciated, thank you.
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  1. if you look at that chart, most people pushing 4ghz are in the 1.5v range. Your temps are quite low so thats good.
  2. My 965 needs 1.5V for all 4 cores to remain stable
  3. At 3.9GHz I'm on 1.392V......
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