New Build, which OS. first time gamer btw

Hey guys

Building my first PC gaming rig and i need an OS! Been a console gamer all my life but after playing at a friends, pc gaming just kills. Kinda new to Windows altogether, use a MAC for the most part. This rig is mostly for gaming and maybe the occasional internet browsing. I could care less about the format of W8 and was wondering if i should use it for my new build vs W7. Thing is W8 seems pretty affordable right now, or would I be better off using 7. Opinions?
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  1. If you are just starting off, I say go with Window 8. Why not go with the latest Microsoft OS? You have many people that will tell you to go Win 7 because of the layout of Windows 8 but in reality that is only a dislike of change. Go with Windows 8, no need to stay behind the times.
  2. checks for windows 8 drivers support on your computer spec.
  3. rgd1101 said:
    checks for windows 8 drivers support on your computer spec.

    Very true! Make sure that you will be able to run Windows 8 before installing it.
    There are a lot of drivers out there that aren't ready for 8 and you will be fighting blue screens until an updated driver is released.
  4. Having just installed Windows 8 (it was 80 at Best Buy) due to having no XP disc and needing to Un-eff my increasingly unstable computer...I'd say go with Windows 7. I'm getting all kinds of issues with my hardware and software that I didn't have on Windows 7 (yes, I had 7, then XP).
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