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I've got an AMD N970 Phenom ll X4 running in my Acer Aspire 7551-7422 laptop. I try to keep it below 50C; seems like a sensible core temperature, considering the long hours I have to use it, but I can't find out anything definitive one way or the other from ACER, or the several websites I've visited. I'm using SpeedFan 4.44, Speccy and Open Hardware Monitor to keep an eye on the nominal core temp I imposed, and use a dual-fan cooling platform. Is keeping my CPU below 50C somewhere in the ballpark of where it should be, or should I raise my thermal floor and ceiling to say, 40C-60C or higher respectively? Advice and/or suggestions would be very welcome.


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    cpus can operate well at 75c so ide reccomend using 65 as your maximum
  2. we1shcake said:
    cpus can operate well at 75c so ide reccomend using 65 as your maximum

    we1shcake, thank you for the reply, I do appreciate it. This is my first laptop. I've been building desktop PCs for myself and my customers since the early 1980s, and know them inside and out. Aside from my old Commodore64, this Acer is the first PC I've ever owned that I didn't build. I'm amazed at the lack of documentation available for laptop owners; mine came with a thin booklet that contained 5 pages of general information about the laptop. Nothing technical except environmental operating temperatures and non-condensing humidity operating ranges. That was it. (sigh)
    Thank you again for shedding some light on my dilemma. At least now I don't have to worry about keeping my cooling platform running all the time!

    Have a fine one,

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