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Hello, i need to buy a new psu for my new hd 6770 video card. but i am not sure what brand should i buy for my single card. i only have 2 choices. the gigabyte 400w and the zumax 700w. that's the only psu available here.

here are my specs:
athlon x3 450
msi 760gm-p33
2x wd 500gb sata 3 blue hard drive
dvd combo optical drive
2x led case fans
powercolor hd 6770
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  1. Minimum requirement is 500w for hd6770, I know 400w enough but you need clear with your choice psu, some gigabyte psu is bad and some good, for better just tell how must your budget, maybe some people can help you for get good psu with price and performance, of course
  2. OK, thanks for the reps. I can afford $50 PSU, but availability is limited here. Some shops here only have generic PSU. The branded PSU's they have are Gigabyte 400w ($34) and Zumax 700w ($49). Anyone here have reviews about these PSU's? Im eyeing for the Zumax 700w.

    Gigabyte Powerock 400w:

    Zumax 700w:

    I can't find zumax 700w on their website. They only have 750w. What is that mean? They selling me a fake Zumax PSU? Help me pls. Im so confused!

    Zumax 750w:
  3. where do you live? and can you buy online?
  4. Philippines.
  5. I have the same problem too, Im not sure if theyre selling me a fake 700W Zumax PSU, I also cant find it in their website
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