BioStar Boards will not give out video! Help Please!

I have so far tried two BioStar builds, for first builds and it feels like I am doing something wrong, because both have absolutely REFUSED to give me video. I would like some help with this, it's kinda depressing when I have an $800(+) build in the planning / making and I can't even get a 6 year old system put together.

The boards are both Bio-Star as stated above.

M7VIG 400, Socket 462, I tried a Sempron (Stock) Duron (Older) and an Athlon. (Newer-ish(?))

GeForce 6100-M7, Socket 756(?), I tried a Sempron. (Only one available)

On both boards I tried a single 512 DDR400Mhz, which was the compliant RAM, I tried both with a PCI SiS 8MB video card with a standard VGA, and with on board video.

With both having a different 'special' bus port, The M7VIG I used an older ATi card with 64MB and with the 6100-M7, I tried both ATi Radeon X800 GTO Fireblade Ed. and ATi Radeon X1600XT. Both by Sapphire.

All of the attempts were with the same botched result, The screen would RECOGNIZE THAT IT WAS PLUGGED IN BUT THERE WOULD BE NO FEED FROM THE COMPUTER.

I would assume that there is power coming in but it either,

A. Isn't proper format (NTSC / PAL(?))
B. Isn't legible by the monitor (I have a Benq that works with my HP a1110n and a610n)
C. Display is going through, but the signal is too weak / no power with signal.

As a side note, the GeForce 6100-M7 has 4 pins that are NOT covered by the power supply, so I stuck it in in the proper position, in the region it fits into, the two remaining are at the top, opposite the side of the IDE connectors, if you wanna get a picture look at the board type.

Erm, as a second side note, I couldn't get the proper heatsink / fan, so I jury rigged the old Heatsink from the 462 with old speaker wire, and a bit of tinfoil, it boots up and the core stays cool, as far as I can feel, but I didn't use thermal compound just because I didn't wanna waste it on the old board because, well, I kinda expected this after the M7VIG.

I still have both boards if this problem can be fixed somehow. Thanks for reading, I'll watch this thread every now and then, but it isn't really a pressing issue. I am not sure if it's BioStar, or if it's just these two specific boards that are having issues.
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  1. First of all, I've had nothing but problems with BioStar boards. So that is likely the culprit. I've bought brand new ones that don't last a month so I wouldn't be suprised if those bit the dust. Secondly, if your PSU only has a 20 pin connector and not a 24 pin that the motherboard requires, those 4 extra pins are what power the PCIe slots. So if you don't have those 4 pins the PCIe slots wont work.
  2. Alright, so that just lea... Doesn't power the PCIe slots... The whole reason I got this was because it was the only one they had that had a PCIe slot.

    But that doesn't explain why the fans were spinning on the Graphics cards on the PCIe. But anywho, thanks. This was really making me feel like crap, not being able to get video from the Bio Stars,

    well, it made me rethink wanting to get into PCs, this makes me want to rethink rethinking it. Thanks for the help.
  3. Fans don't draw very much power. You can get a better power supply for $30. That's all you need.
  4. Alright, well, thanks for helpin' me out.
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