Will I be able to have performance for the buck with my cmp specs and

I currently have a m9150f with 4gbs of memory running on windows 7 64bit. It has a q6600 @ 2.4ghz (Stock). I am upgrading my power supply from 350 to 650 with a antec earthwatts power supply. This is the graphics card I am getting. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127565 . My question is now, will I be able to overclock my graphics card for a good performance. I believe when you overclock these cards they get the performance for the buck boost which is similar to the 6950's performance. Will I still be able to over-clock it and if not what upgrades would I need?
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  1. i think you will feel a bottleneck with your q6600. overclock it to 3 ghz +
    .you are really good to go if you are upgrading your power supply. as overclocking your card will boost performance , it will also void your warranty as well affecting the life expectancy. my advice is not to overclock it till you will feel your games going slow.
    between , you can go to a 2gb 6950 or with the best deal of 5850 extreme http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102932.
  2. between 2gb hd 6950 and hd 5850 i'll definitely taking hd 6950 home... hd 5850 is cheaper but it also slower in dx 11 titles with AA on compared to hd 6950... but twin frozr ii gtx 560 ti is also good deal to me... cheaper than hd 6950 yet faster than hd 5850 and it also a great overclocker...
  3. I would run things stock on the GPU for awhile. Run some gaming benchmarks and see how close you come to review published performance. This will tell you if the rest of your system is holding back your FPS in anyway. Then, as mentioned, get busy OC'ing the the CPU. Once your get the OC on the CPU up a bit, re-run your benchmarks to see if FPS are increased and closer to those review published values.

    Then, after you can squeeze no more out of the CPU OC'ing..... move onto the GPU OC'ing. I've got a pair of the MSI Hawk Talon Attack 460's they OC close to 1Ghz from their stock 811Mhz settings so, I suspect the 560 will provide the same type of boost.

    NOTE: be sure to re-run your benchmarks on game FPS as you OC the GPU. If you don't see any real performance improvement, then, your CPU is holding you back and so further OC'ing of GPU won't be worth while....
  4. Which benchmarks and how can I overclock my computer its prebuilt from HP. I overclocked it to 2.8ghz before with clockgen. How can I overclock it more then that?
  5. Dang it, I have a HP q6600 best overclock I get is 2.8ghz. I dont have much money either, would i be able to sell the computer to build a good cpu for my 650? with the graphics card and power supply not included in the 650 because I have them already..
  6. I usually rely on the features built into the motherboard to support overclocking. MB like; ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI have these features. Unfortunately with a factory HP motherboard, those features simply aren't there.....

    I would simply install your new powersupply and GPU and enjoy the big performance boost you will get from these upgrades...

    While you may gain more with a MB/RAM/CPU upgrade ("new system") you can do this down the road.....when you've save up a bit of cash. Don't worry, good thing about computers the longer you wait the faster they get....

    I download these demos which support benchmarks:
    - Call of Pripyat Benchmark
    - FarCry 2 benchmark
    - and off steam, Just Cause 2 demo, which contains a benchmark
    - you can also download FurMark and run it's bench mark to comparison to reviews...
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