Building a desktop, will these parts work with each other?

I'm building a desktop and I needed help, will these parts fit with each other, and will everything fit in the case? What do you guys think about it?
Motherboard + CPU -
GTX 560 -…
6 GB RAM -…
Case and PSU -…

Am I missing anything besides the hard drive? (I already have one) Sorry if I'm doing something wrong, I'm kinda new to using forums.
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  1. the links to the gtx560 , ram , and case and psu are broken...
    the gtx 560 will work with that mobo
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    That RAM is incompatible with the Motherboard and CPU.
    You need dual channel RAM for the i5-2500k, the one you have chosen is triple channel.

    Here is a similar one that is compatible with your Mobo/CPU.
  3. lol thanks for the save :P would've got it. I've decided on my system now, thanks for all of your help guys.
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