DELL xps 420 video card upgrade

I saw some previous posts. I want to go to the ATI radeon 5750 but where do I find the stock power supply on this machine? Others say 375...
When I bought it I just upgraded (optioned) for memory and hardrive size.
Intel(R) core (TM2) cpu Q6600 @2.40 ghz 2.39 ghz is what I see on my computer system performance page.
Need some help in determining if i need a new power supply (not sure what it is as stated) or not? Thanks
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  1. Yes, 375 watts ( have to check the label to be sure, some Quad based systems came with a 425 watt psu )
    No, you don't need to upgrade it for a 5750.
  2. If you ordered the 8800 GT, 8800 GTX or 9800 GT, your Dell would have come with a 425 W PSU, else a 372 W PSU. Pop off the right-side of your case, and your PSU would have a sticker that specifies the wattage.
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