Pci e wont boot new gtx 460 or 9800gt but will boot 3470 HELP!!!!!

mobo: ASRock Wolfdale 1333-D667 bios 1.50 latest.
gpu: Zotac GTX 460 SE 1GB / Geforce 9800GT Akimbo 512mb / ATi Radeon HD 3470 low profile
cpu: E6750 no oc
4gb ddr2 Kingston ram (2x2gb)
700watt Delta Electronics PSU
500gb hdd+40gbhdd (Seagate Barracudas)
Windows Vista Ultimate sp2

So here is the problem my NEW gtx 460 wont boot OR my older 9800gt but the wierd thing is the 9800gt Used to work in this mobo but it stopped working so I thought the gpu was dead so i tested it in another pc and it worked !!!
I had just figured it was the psu so I bought a molex to 6pin adapter and it didnt work so I just left it at that and decided to get another motherboard and gpu, I bought the gpu first (GTX 460) and decided to test it and IT didnt work then I thought about my 3470 put it in and it worked WTF!!?? It overclocked and everything I even played MW2 online for awhile so i I decided to ask you guys a few questions
1. Is pci e slot the problem?
2. What are any 50-60 dollar boards with 2 x16 pcie slots ( I know its off topic but I need a mobo with 2 x16 slots
3. could it be my psu?
4. pci e is at 115mhz does that mess with mobo
5. if the problem is the pci e can it be fixed?
thanks in advance
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  1. did you connect the cards correctly? aka power etc

    sounds like an nvidia compatibility perhaps update bios

    asrock boards are generally low end, and boards for that socket (775) are becoming hard to get
  2. the cards are connected correctly.
    the 9800gt worked before.
    bios is the latest.
    could you recommend a cpu/mobo combo CHEAP (100$)If not ill just Stick with this until I find a replacement motherboard maybe a p5nd
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    750 sli

    use this till you can afford a major upgrade like SandyBridge
  4. thanks alot!! I guess ive had my eyes on one but not as cheap....
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