Soundcard extension cable.

I've had a look around and I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed it, but is there a way to get an extension cable for a soundcard. I ask this because I recently got a GPU cooler and it blocks my PCI slots for soundcards etc. This way I could plug in the extension in the small gap beneath the GPU cooler allowing me to still have my soundcard working but not directly plugged into the slot.
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  1. Don't know about extension cables; however, I have a pack of 24" cables and will send you one gratis (provoided you live in the continental US).

    They are the standards 4 pin cables. Respond if you want one and we'll work out a way to get your name and address without posting it here.
  2. He needs a pci extender by the sounds of it, they do exist but I cant copy/paste on my mobile, I'll look back in the morning when I'm home ans paste a link if noone else has, Op can always private message you his address if he is interested in the power cables though :-)
  3. Quote:
    He needs a pci extender by the sounds of it

    After re-reading his post, I think you're correct.
  4. This site has loads of extenders etc, but is probably what your after for a single pci slot, for a pcie16
    its from
    Hope this is what you needed :)
  5. Just managed to refind this topic >< Thanks for replies guys very helpful!
  6. Was there a suitable solution in those links?
    plus if you click the envelope at the top of the thread, it sends you an email when a response is posted for future info (think theres also a setting in your profile page to set it)
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