Sound Lock Up

System: WinME, KA7-100, Athlon 950 (def clock), SB Live! Platinum, ASUS v7700 Pure 32MB
Settings: Latest LiveWare!, Latest BIOS, 15-16M hole enabled
Problem: Everyonce in a while (once/week) when I am playing a game or listening to music the computer will lock up and I will get a high pitched whine in my sound card. Any suggestions? At first I had the 15-16M Mem hole disabled... then I read somewhere that enabling it would help... but I still have a problem.

Thanks in advance!

Patrick Wilcox
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  1. The memory hole option is ONLY for old ISA cards.
    The Live is PCI. Unless you have an old ISA card
    that may be conflicting with your sound card, you
    don't need this option.
  2. I had exactly the same problem with an aBit KA7-100.
    I tried all the latest drivers and still had the issue.
    I eventually fixed it by loading older drivers (not from the creative website) and flashing every BIOS on the machine (mobo/graphics etc.) with the latest revisions.
    You need to search the web for an older version of the drivers.
    see for full details
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