Need help choosing a new pc and monitor.

Hi, I've narrowed it down to 2 choices.

option a,
intel core i3-2100
nvidia 550gtx

option b,
intel core i5-2300
ati hd6850

Option a would cost 510 pounds/790 $
Option b would cost 590 pounds/920 $
80 pounds/130 $ difference

Both come with an OS, 4gb DDR 3, HDD 1000 GB. Sadly the shop doesn't offer any more information. The sound card is integrated.

I don't really know whether these are good prices, but please don't question the price and tell me I should buy it from a different shop - I have my reasons for wanting to buy a pc from this particular shop - it's very close and they have great customer help... since I'm a lazy guy who doesn't want to make his own custom pc, these are both very good aspects for me.
I need help deciding, whether the 80 pounds/130$ difference is worth it.

I want this pc to run new games for a few (at least one..) year. Most notably, skyrim,diablo3, new deus ex games. I'm not sure whether there are some announced specifications for the first 2, but I'll be fine if I can run them at 1024x768 at 30 fps and no 2 minute loading times, which I can't with my current pc.

I know nothing about computers, but after looking for some information, it seems to me like the gpu is about the same good with both options, while the CPU is quite a bit better with option b.
In this case, wouldn't the gpu be a limiting factor in option b? Is it worth it getting a pc with such a good CPU, when the GPU won't be that great? Especially for gaming...

Another thing I need help with, is a monitor-
Right now, I have an old, ugly, 19" crt monitor:

And I'm thinking that I could get a new lcd one, this one in particular:

For I think a good price of 80 pounds/130 $ - I'd have to buy it together with the pc to get it for this price.

Now I'm not sure how LCDs are now, but few years ago, everyone used to tell me that it's not good for gaming, as the refresh rate is too slow, the image quality is not as good as with crt, etc... but it's been a few years since then, and LCDs have quite likely catched up to CRTs now.
I'm in no need of extra space, so the fact that a LCD is much more compact does not matter to me at all. It's also prettier, but again, I don't care.
Do you think it would would be worth it to get this new monitor? I mean it's bigger and the price seems to be good.

I'd appreciate some help, and I'm sorry to the MODs if I posted this in the wrong forum.
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  1. "your new monitor is 1080p so I would definitely go with the AMD 6850 build."
    - why? Also, by AMD you probably meant ATI, right?
    Is the 6850 much better for 1080p than 550gtx?

    Also, what can you say to my "idea" of the the GPU being the limiting factor with the 6850 build?
    I mean, the i5-2300 will last me longer, but unless I upgrade my GPU, won't the games in 2+ years run almost the same as if I buy the i3-2100 build? The CPU might still be decent by that time, while the i3-2100 won't, but the 6850 will suck just as much as 550gtx, which will limit the game quality? Unless, again, I upgrade my GPU in the future.
  2. I would like to Suggest you to buy - ASUS ML248H if your budget under $200.
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