What's the difference between these two GTX460SE cards?


I am upgrading my GPU and I think the GTX460 is what I want.

The store near my house has these two cards for sale.




They're both EVGA GTX460SE editions. Is the only difference is that one comes superclocked from the factory and the other you have to do yourself?
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  1. the only difference is clock. why don't you get non-SE edition GTX460 1GB? they perform much better
  2. Price mostly. The non-SE cards cost about $25 more, I know that's not a whole lot when talking about a card you upgrade one every 3 odd years but is the performance boost worth the extra money?
  3. well most of the time i'd advice people to stay away with GTX460 768MB or the SE edition if they can. but if the price different is only $25 more i'll be gladly to take GTX460 1GB the non-SE edition :)
  4. An extra $25 is nothing for something that is intended to last for three years. Come on people spend more than that on a case of beer or double that on a single carton of cigarettes weekly so just dig deeper for that extra $25 and stop kidding your self.
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