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I am streaming to my hdtv through using a HDMI cable. The picture is great. No sound. What is the best way to go about getting sound to the tv?

External speakers would be a last resort, I'd rather use the TV speakers if possible.
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  1. Set the tv as the only display and then set the sound to digital output over hdmi.
    I'm not saying you can get audio over hdmi, but if you can then thats the normal way of doing it. The single display is a drm thing to keep you from recording.
  2. all you should have to do is go to your sound options and select HDMI for default device under playback devices.

    i have never seen DRM want you to have only 1 screen.
  3. try playing a blu-ray.
    I should have mention that would apply to protected content. Sorry for the ommision.
  4. I have a blueray burner on my laptop and desktop. my laptop runs dual screens and my desktop runs 5-10 monitors depending on the day. I use HDMI on my laptop along with the built in monitor and HDMI/DVI on my desktop. I have never ran into any DRM issue with bluerays. The only movies i have watched are tears of the sun, startrek 2009, 13 blocks, repo genetic opera and thats it. all my bluerays. but all of them work on both systems. i use VLC or power dvd to play them.

    desktop has 5870's and laptop has a 9600
  5. You're saying you can have the tv and the laptop screens both playing a bluray? That would be a violation of DRM. I have heard its been done but My Toshiba nor my Compaq can do it and neither can my friends Toshiba. :-(
  6. my desktops eyefinity runs 4 screens as one display just fine for a blueray (ive only done it once tho). the laptop runs a mirrored screen through the nview control panel if i choose but i generaly keep it extended. VLC is able to run blueray on either my laptop screen or external monitor, i can drag the window back and forth. if i recall power did useto black out when i did that.
  7. Installs a new system
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