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Inspiron N7010 & Core i3-370m RAM


May I ask a question regarding the supported RAM for Inspiron 17 (N7010)?

Per the service tag for this machine it shipped with a 2GB module 1333MHZ & the manual seems to agree that it will support 1333 MHz:

Memory Type 1333 MHz SODIMM DDR3

& when I search for parts on this laptop @ Dell it lists 1333 MHZ RAM modules there as well.

Allowed to the Crucial System Scanner to check this PC out. It correctly identified the installed Memory & also recommended an upgrade to 8GB @ 1333MHz. Of course they're in the business to sell stuff.

However the Intel website states that processor Core i3-370m supports only Memory types = DDR3-800/1066.

The two modules installed (a 2GB & a 4GB module - different manufactures) are both rated @ PC3-10600 or DDR3-1333MHz. However according to the BIOS the RAM is only running @ 1066 MHz. CPUZ shows the DRAM Frequency @ 532 MHz. This would also equate to RAM running @ 1066MHz - Not 1333MHz.

So it appears to me that even though Dell & Crucial are telling me that this machine will run 1333 MHz RAM it does not look like it can do so. It would seem that if you were to trust anyone in this case it would be the information @ the Intel site?

How could both Dell & Crucial be so wrong when the Intel website quite clearly states DDR3-800/1066?

Most likely purchasing two matching 4GB Crucial DDR3-1333MHz modules will only accomplish in 8GB RAM running @ 1066MHz?

Am I correct?

thanks :wahoo:
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  1. Yes you are correct the limitation is the CPU runs it at 1066. Can you change it to manual in BIOS/Setup and increase the frequency?
  2. Huh, what?

    Is that something Dell will let me do? I just F2'd & dont see anything I can alter.

    Used something called the Dell Client Configuration Utility (DCCU) on my sisters Latitude once to alter the BIOS but I don't think that's avail for the Inspiron.

    Thanks for giving me hope though. Sure would be nice if the RAM just bought actually ran @ 1333 MHz.

    Can you provide instructions?

  3. If you can select manual settings instead of auto in the Dell Bios (not a lot of hope) then you should be able to set timings and speed for your ram manually. Really it does not have any major performance increase in it if you can.
  4. Don't think select manual is an option - what I get for buying a Dell. Will check some more.

    I jumped all the way to buying another CPU.

    The Dell Policy on Upgrading the Motherboard or Processor in a Dell™ Computer = Dell does not offer processor or motherboard upgrades for purchase as discrete items, nor does Dell recommend upgrading the processor or motherboard in any given system.

    Per the manual this model supports all three Core i3, i5 & i7. It almost looks too easy to remove the Core i3 & replace it with a Core i7 that will support 1333MHZ RAM @ a cost of $200. This PC is no longer under warranty. Is there any reason you can think of that the Mobo would not accept the Core i7 = 1.6GHz Intel Core i7 Mobile Processor i7-720QM 6MB CPU?

    Would the performance increase be worth the price?

    I see the Core i7 comes with turbo boost (2.8 GHz) which is not avail with the Core i3.
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    If it is the same line and the same socket it should work, whether it is worth it you will have to answer yourself just beware that the turbo boost only kicks in with 1 or 2 cores working.
  6. Might as well put in a SSD along with the new processor & RAM -it will be a new machine. All those things are more than I paid for it used.

    Guess I'll play with for a while before purchasing more upgrades. Sounds like fun though.

    thank you
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