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Does it really matter!

Does it really matter what brand my memory is? I know the cas latency will affect it marginally, as well as the frequency. But, honestly, will you really feel the difference in everyday computing? Hell, even games? It seems like Only when benchmarking can you feel the difference. I think reliability is probably the most important factor when choosing memory.

Anyways, I still need help with picking a memory set. I'm dead set on choosing mushkin because I've heard problems with corsair and Kingston. I've heard g skill was still reliable too. Anyways I'm stuck between ddr3 1600 8gb ram ridgeback, ddr3 1600 8gb blackline, oreea ddr3 1866 8gb redline.

P.S. I won't run into trouble running 1867 right? Like I could switch out a 1600 for a 1866 and still be okey dokey?
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  1. Brand has nothing to do with speed or anything else performance related. its about quality, reliability, and service. and if you want to get really picky what's on you motherboards qualified list but you shouldn't REALLY need to worry about that crucial, gskill, corsair, and Kingston are all fine.

    With anything but integrated graphics on AMD APUs anything over 1600MHz makes hardly any difference and 1333 to 1600 is a pretty small performance improvement too.
  2. Hm ok. Can you answer my other questions? Should I go with a 1600 blackline a 1600 ridgeback or a 1866 redline? The redline is the cheapest in this scenario. Just 59$ for 8 gb.
  3. Whats your CPU?

    Go with the Red line : )
  4. U want to watch the speed + voltage + never go with the cheapest RAM u can see : )
  5. Im getting an i5 3570k, the new IB.
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    Get the 1866MHz, your CPU supports it and its cheap enough, so why not?
  7. Cool thanks =D
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  9. You're welcome. Good luck.
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