Nvidia nforce networking controller windows 7

Hello,i cant connect to my lan using NVDIA nforce networking controller
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  1. Is there a Windows 7 driver for it on the Nvidia site ?
  2. no it installed it by default after i run the windows 7 installation
  3. That may be the problem. According to you, the Windows-supplied driver doesn't work !
  4. yeah i think so but i cant find the driver in the internet and the web site too
    the laptop is a hp pavilion 6405us AMD laptop
  5. If HP doesn't seem to have a driver, have a look at Nvidia's site. First see if you can identify which chipset model. Go Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager.
  6. okay i will see if i can download and get back to you
  7. :bounce:
    Hey u check your connector or wireless connection
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