Freezing issues after boot of Windows 7

All right. New system, just put it together.

Specs: Windows 7 Home Premium OEM

1tb 7200 WD HDD
8gb ram (2x4) DDR3
Asus P8P67 Mobo
Intel i5 CPU
Corsair 750w PSU
Nvidia GTX550 GPU

I've got Windows 7 clean installed. No OPK, just straight from the disk. After install, and successful login, it will eventually lag, slow down, and either freeze altogether or BSOD. Doesn't matter what I do. It seems as though it is a timed response, because if it sits at the login screen for a few minutes it freezes there, too.

I've run memtest 86 for the RAM and got 100% AOK results there.

When run in safe mode, Win7 does considerably better. I was able to install NVIDIA and ASUS drivers from discs. However, no change. Rinsed and repeated with Windows 7 fresh install. Same problems.

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  1. I have a nearly identical problem, on totally different hardware. I tried upgrading from a 500w psu to a 650, and that partially fixed the problem. After installing drivers for my nvidia 9800 gtx+ graphics card, the problem came back though. Now I'm running with the card unplugged, and all is well. I've ordered a 750w psu and I'm hoping that solves it.

    So perhaps this is power related? Perhaps as the load increases, the system becomes starved for power and gets unstable, then crashes?
  2. My problem with that fix is that I already have a 750w PSU... but I'll try running unplugged in a moment and let you know what I find on my end

    Edit: Upon further thought, not sure how to do that, as I can't seem to stay in windows long enough to get any kind of remote viewing setup going... hrm.
  3. I'm using the onboard graphics on my motherboard. You might also try dropping to a little less ram, I'm not sure how much power ram pulls, but if things get better, at least you'll know that power is the issue.
  4. I don't have an onboard slot that I can tell. I tried with each RAM stick singly, in different slots, as well as both in the correct 1 and 3 positions. Nothing. I have no other DDR3 to troubleshoot with, but i assume the memtest would've rooted out any problems?

    Trying a fresh install on another HDD in a moment.
  5. So I guess I solved my own problem. Third clean install was on an old discarded HDD. Working like a charm, it's been running smooth for an hour plus now.

    Guess newegg will be hearing from me tomorrow re: faulty hard drive.

    Western Digital, my old friend... you have let me down for the first time.
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